Benard Onyango
Geospatial Engineer
Mobile: +254 727 597 235
Dedicated and hardworking Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing Specialist with 6 years
of demonstrated experience working in Government, private and the international affairs industry.
Currently employed at Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations as a GIS Developer.
Skilled in developing machine learning models, Google Earth Engine, QGIS, ArcGIS, Python-Django,
Geonode, R, JavaScript, GeoServer and PostGIS. Strong collaboration skills and proven history of
application development. Highly organized, self-motivated and strong proficiency in project management,
technical research, oral and communication skills. Solid reputation for applying analytical and problem
solving skills to clearly present requested geographic data in a way that’s easy to comprehend.
Skills Highlights
Proven experience in Land Surveying; collection, management and
analyses of large-scale surveying and Geospatial data;
Extensive knowledge of geospatial cloud systems and spatial data
infrastructure (SDI);
Implemented, rolled and developed geospatial applications based on
Google App Engine (GAE) and Google Earth Engine (GEE);
Hands on experience with large-scale database management systems, such
as PostgreSQL / PostGIS, including BigData
High proficiency in programming languages for geospatial applications
such as Java, Python, HTML, XML and GML; and Django web
Proven ability to test geospatial research findings and hypotheses with
strong skills in both quantitative and qualitative data aspects;
Demonstrated experience of independently managing work programs and
ability to handle multiple tasks and deliver quality results ahead of time;
Adherence to high professional and ethical standards and conformity with
Constitution of Kenya, 2010 on leadership and Integrity;
Adept in analytical writing and editing with originality and creativity.
Ability to coordinate field activities and train assistants;
Aptitude in training of professionals on ICT and Geoinformation;
Proven experience in application of modern research techniques, including
online surveys and automated data collection for geospatial applications;
Ability to present academic and professional ideas in an articulate manner;
and Awards
Research /
University of Nairobi Scholarship to pursue Msc in GIS,
2017 2019
Agriculture and Food Security, Climate Change, Water
Resources and Hydro-Climatic Disasters such as floods and
drought, Land Use Land Cover, Big data analysis, Cloud
computing, Machine Learning and Deep learning, Web
Employer: Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO),
Position: GIS Developer (2019 August Present)
Contribute to the development of Geonode, a SWALIM
Geospatial online web portal.
Maintain and support data publication in Geonode with the
help of GIS/RS team to ensure all datasets are updated and
well documented.
Assist in development of GIS web applications, geo-
processing tools and map production
Provide maintenance and support of the Database and
Geospatial Servers.
Assist in quality assurance checks on SWALIM’S GIS
Web based systems and recommend updates or new
techniques when applicable.
Assist in satellite images pre-processing & mosaicking in
preparation for image interpretation and their regular
Develop tools to automate processing of remote sensing
data including image classification, support onscreen
digitization, extraction of features and generation of
tabular information to support SWALIM and other FAO
Somalia sectors.
Assist in producing scripts for image processing & analysis
through Google Earth Engine and other web based
geospatial platforms.
Develop tools for geospatial data analysis using open
source software including QGIS.
Design and implement data work-flow processes for web
Document and develop user manuals for all GIS/RS
applications developed.
Developed scripts in Google Earth Engine to automatically
map floods from satellite images.
Developed a deep learning model to automatically map
charcoal kilns in the southern part of Somalia.
Involved in GIS climate data preparation and analysis for
the drought early warning system on a monthly basis.
Developed a flood mapping application using Google
Earth Engine, Django, GeoServer and PostGIS.
Developed and continuously maintaining the department's
geo-portal system.
Employer: Lunar Arch Limited
Position: Database Administrator (February 2018 July 2019)
Managed a group of 20+ people.
Performed quality checks on the data produced by my
Assisted in publishing and maintaining layers in
Managed all the data sets in PostGIS.
Created triggers in PostGIS to automatically back up data.
Monitored the database by proactively resolving database
issues and maintaining it.
Set up and controlled user profiles and access levels for
each database segment to protect important data.
Part of a team that developed a QGIS plugin to
automatically back up the data produced.
Developed scripts to automatically publish GIS data in
Developed an in-house application using GeoServer,
PostGIS and QGIS to enable the concurrent access and
editing of data.
Reduced cost of IT by implementing the systems using
OpenSource tools.
Employer: Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS)
Position: GIS Technician (December 2017 February 2018)
I was mainly involved in the creation of Enumeration Area
(EA) maps in preparation for the 2019 census.
Employer: Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Research
Organization (KALRO)
Position: GIS/RS Specialist (September 2016 July 2017)
Performing crop suitability analysis using QGIS and R.
Creating Digital Soil Maps (DSM) using R.
Creating a web mapping manual to assist colleagues
understand the basic concepts of web mapping.
Supervision of students on attachment.
Managed to set up an internal system using PostGIS to
enable concurrent access and editing of GIS data.
Employer: Collaborative Crop Research Program (CCRP)
CCRP is a program of the McKnight Foundation that has funded
agricultural research in Africa and South America since 1980s.
Position: GIS Technician (May 2016 August 2016)
I was the head of GIS department.
Collect data on from farmers on farming practices, level of
education, health and nutrition data from farmers in Kitale
using ODK.
Train research team members on open source GIS
Provide oversight and guidance to ensure creation of high-
quality maps for each of the surveyed communities.
Successful preparation of community maps that were delivered
to local schools to assist in their studies.
Master of Science in Geographic Information Systems, 2019
Thesis title: "Towards Performance Improving Techniques of Web
Based GIS: An Empirical Case Study of An NSDI Prototype
Gave back to the University by teaching third year undergraduate
students R programming.
I have been involved in a number of activities as a way of freely
giving back to the University.
I midwifed the creation of an alumni group that is currently
offering training sessions to 3rd, 4th and 5th year students on the
following topics:
Google Earth Engine using Python & JavaScript
Web mapping - PostGIS, GeoServer, Leaflet, Geonode
Python and R for geospatial data science
Mobile application development
Guiding 5th years on their final year projects.
Bachelor of Science in Geospatial Engineering (Second class
Upper Honors), 2016
Project Title: Developing A Web Based GIS Application For
Residential Real Estate Transactions. Case Study: Nairobi
Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, 2011
Maseno School (A-), KENYA
Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, 2005
NASA’s Applied Remote Sensing Training Program
(ARSET), 3
to 5
December 2019.
Using SAR in Google Earth Engine for Disaster and
Hydrological Applications”.
Nature and wildlife Photography